WiredSafety and some of the people behind WiredSafety: 

Meet Parry Aftab, Esq., WiredSafety's founder and cyberlawyer, Allan McCullough, WiredSafety's Chief Safety Officer, Heather Mullen and Roisin (Kid Director and Founder of POSTitPositive), and our award-winning Teenangels. 


WiredSafety runs several large events a year with up to 1000 attendees, often including teens, preteens and kids. Some events are even run by youth to share what they know with adult experts, policymakers and industry members. Parry Aftab, WiredSafety's founder speaks globally on best practices, cyberbullying, sextortion and safety. This year look for events in Ireland, Mexico, Hong Kong, Italy, England, Bermuda and Canada, as well as across the US. MORE

WiredSafety is the first online safety, education, and help group in the world. Originating in 1995 as a group of volunteers rating websites and helping victims of cyberharassment, it now provides one-to-one help, resources and extensive information, and education to cyberspace users of all ages on a myriad of Internet and interactive technology safety, privacy and security issues. These services are offered through a worldwide organization comprised entirely of unpaid volunteers who administer specialized websites, resources and programs. WiredSafety's programs and sites include StopCyberbullying.org, POSTitPositive.com, WiredCops.org, Teenangels.org, and Tweenangels.org.

WiredSafety's volunteers range in age from 7 to 96 and run the gamut from TV personalities, teachers, law enforcement officers, PhD's, writers, executives and librarians to stay-at-home moms, retired persons, Walmart greeters and students. Our founder and Executive Director, cyberlawyer Parry Aftab, is also an unpaid volunteer and devotes a majority of her time to running it and its programs.

With the exception of its TeenAngels, outreach, law enforcement training and speaking programs, all work and help is provided online and free of charge.

WiredSafety.org's work falls into five major areas:

  • Help and support for victims of cyberbullying, cyberabuse, cybercrime and harassment;

  • Advice, Training and Help for law enforcement worldwide on preventing, spotting and investigating cybercrimes;

  • Education for children, parents, communities, law enforcement and educators on cybersafety issues;

  • Information and awareness on all aspects of online safety, privacy, responsible use and security; and

  • Resources that can be downloaded or printed and used for offline presentations, community events and classroom activities.

Donations to WiredSafety are tax-deductible to the greatest extent provided by US law, and are made to Teach Me Peace, Inc. or to WiredSafety.org as a d/b/a of TMP. Interested in sponsoring our work or making a donation? Click here.

Have a skill to share? Great! Volunteer with WiredSafety.

WiredSafety.org is a program operated by Teach Me Peace, Inc. a 501c-3 charity organized under the US laws and formed in the State of Wisconsin. The WiredSafety program entirely virtually, with volunteers from 76 countries around the world collaborating to help people online 24/7/365. They volunteer and provide their help form their homes, their offices and their digital devices on the go. Want to help us help others? All it takes is a caring heart. We'll teach you everything else. Note that all volunteers working with children or with victims must undergo a criminal background check to qualify.  Volunteer today.

WiredSafety was one of five members of Facebook's International Safety Advisory Board before resigning in 2016, a member of MTV's public affairs advisory board and an advisor of most of the leading social networks, digital games and network giants. It received the Clinton Whitehouse's President Services Award for the work of its volunteers, was a member of the Internet Safety Technical Taskforce and the Congressional Online Safety Technology Working Group and a member of the UN CyberHate Summit, among others.

Parry Aftab created WiredSafety from groups of volunteers she had brought together to help address all digital risks for all digital demographics. Wiredsafety and Parry Aftab are probably best know for their work in protecting children online. But its efforts to protect adults being cyberharassed and targeted with revenge porn, although lesser known, are at least as substantial as its work with children. WiredMoms, its mom cyberarmy, provides guidance ot other parents and helps brief consumers on new products and benefits of digital technology. Its WiredCop volunteers help other members of law enforcement do a better job identifying and investigating cybercrimes. Its Teenangels and Tweenangels volunteers bring the insight that only kids and teens can bring to the digital space. And its latest project to assist in WiredSafety's StopCyberbullying.org's award-winning work, POSTitPositive.org, was created by its youngest volunteer, 7yr old Roisin (from Canada).



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