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Contact WiredSafety Online (the phone is for media inquiries only)

Not all submissions will be answered and any replies may take between 48 to 72 hours. Review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before submitting this form or communicating with

tel: 1-201-463-8663

Before You Email Us or Call:

If you're looking to volunteer, visit our Volunteer page to learn more and apply.
Emergency? If you have an emergency, call 911 or 999 (whichever works in your jursidiction). WiredSafety is not an emergency service.
Phone is for media inquiries only. No requests for help will be accepted or calls returned. There are no exceptions to this policy!

Want Help Handling a Cyberabuse Problem? Being Cyberbullyied, Harassed or Need Other Help? Visit our Get Help Page. No help requests will be accepted using this contact form, email or by phone. No exceptions will be made. If this is an emergency, call 911 or 999.


Members of the media or news-reporting agencies (not students with interview request or questions): Apply for access to our Media and News Portal where we post news-breaking story information and information helpful to reporters and journalists. To make sure that you are not delayed when on deadline, use the special contact form for media and news-agencies located on our WiredSafety Media page. We accept calls from accredited members of the media or news-reporting agencies.

Use This Form Only To:

  • Give us feedback about our site or programs

  • General inquiries, but not reports of cyberabuse or requests for help

  • To book a cybersafety presentation or event

  • Reach out for possible sponsorships, partnerships or collaborations

  • Ask for permission to use our copyrighted content or materials


If you are looking to book a cybersafety presentation with one of our volunteers, use this form. If you are seeking Parry Aftab's speaking services, visit and fill out a speaking form there.







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