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When You are Being Cyber-Victimized, Harassed or Cyberstalked and Need Advice
WiredSafety Volunteers are Here to Help!

WiredSafety Help Service


We know you need our help, but before you proceed you need ot understand how this works. If you do not agree to these terms, our privacy policy or terms of service, please do not proceed and exit our site.

How to report cyberabuse using our help service:


  • WiredSafety's Help Service is not intended to replace law enforcement emergency 911, 999 and other numbers worldwide.

  • We do not address emergencies. Call 911 or 999 if you have an emergency.

  • We are not a law enforcement agency.

  • We are volunteers, specially-trained to help people victimized by cyberabuse.

  • The WiredSafety Help Service is to help people know where to get help when they are being victimized online, and to provide help when non-emergency help is needed.

  • We work closely with law enforcement around the world, and require that when offline threats are involved that local law enforcement be notified before we can offer assistance to the victim.

  • We are happy to work directly with law enforcement agencies, if our expertise is needed.

  • We may not respond to every request for help and requests may not be addressed for up to four days. Make sure you report your problem to the network/app/provider where the abusive behavior occurred.

  • We are not a report-abuse service for Facebook or any other site/network.

  • If you are abusive to any of our volunteers, we may report you to your network/provider.

  • If you have already involved law enforcement, or legal counsel to avoid confusing the handling of your case, we will not be able to offer assistance.


Important notes about cyberabuse that involves any offline risk:


We do not handle missing children cases, death threats or threats of serious bodily harm, or cases of sexual exploitation.


You must contact law enforcement in your area prior to our accepting any case for any cyberabuse that involves any offline risk and provide proof to us that you have done so. Note that in such cases we will assist law enforcement at their request.


Also note that, the Internet not always reliable and e-mails and reports sent may not have been received. If you do not receive an auto reply to your report, note the report has not been received due to circumstances beyond our control. Contact local law enforcement in this case or resubmit the report. And remember that we reserve the right to decide which cases we address and may decide not to address your case. Please be patient, as well. It may take up to four days for you to receive a reply from us.


What to report

We accept reports about certain cyberabuses (abuses that take place online) such as cyberbullying and harassment, reputational attacks and identity theft.


How to report

Select the cyberabuse you wish to report from the drop down menu below. If the cyberabuse you wish to report is not listed, please select "Other" and you will be taken to a page that will help you to identify the best place to make your report.


The WiredSafety Help Service form is NOT to be used to report anything other than cyberabuses. If you have a question about Cyberstalking or any other Internet or Cyberabuse related issues, please use our contact form.

Report Cyberabuse Here to Wiredsafety's Help Service:     


We respect your privacy and suggest that you refer again to our privacy policy for what we collect and how it is used and our terms of service as to how we operate and your representations. 


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